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I’m not here to get photos for the gram or create adventures for myself. I’m here to serve you!

I remember the first elopement I got to photograph. I arrived feeling like I was showing up to my friend's wedding. I helped the couple finish getting ready and started documenting their day; first look at sunrise, intimate handwritten vows by the lake, standing in silence taking everything in. I watched them soak up every second of their wedding day together and knew that this was it.

Since then, I have been helping couples like you spend unforgettable moments together on their wedding day. Moments of peace, love, joy, adventure and excitement. No stress or worry, just pure quality time. I get to come along and document these moments so you’ll never forget the way they felt.

That’s what it’s all about. Caring enough to listen to you, to learn about you and help you have a wedding day that truly represents who you are. Facilitating an experience that leads to images you can cherish for the rest of your lives.

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this is what I am meant to be doing.

What do you mean elopement "guide'?

Eloping is more than showing up to the courthouse and signing some papers. It's your wedding day! And you do not need to get anxious over the planning process my friend, so I'm here to take all the stressful bits out!

From finding your ideal location, through connecting you with the right vendors to customizing a packing list and bringing back ups on back ups in case you forget anything. Need me to carry your bouquet or champagne in my pack? On it. I'm your elopement photographer, planning guide and problem solving extraordinaire from day one.

"Forget self, serve others."

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“Our experience on our elopement day was BEYOND THIS WORLD! We enjoyed every minute of it and never had to worry about anything!! Nikole made sure that everything worked out as we wanted. It was the best day and experience of our lives.” - Jahaira V.


“She has an unyielding passion to create a genuine experience. There are so many moments that I didn't even realize she captured and she captured them so perfectly.” - Rebekah G.

“She’s fun to work with, always kind, always goes the extra mile, and she makes taking photos feel natural and fun. You will cherish the photos she takes for you for the rest of your life.” - Julia D.

what clients are saying;

I used to think Texas elopements would never be a thing. I trashed that limiting mindset and now I get to show people how awesome Texas really is!

I am a follower of Christ.

I have had a camera in hand for 10 years.

I believe the little moments matter. I know they may seem insignificant, but I promise you value them more than you think you do.

One of my favorite memories is my first kayaking trip. We paddled 12 miles down the Colorado river when it was barely flowing. My arms were dead!


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