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About Me

I've had a camera in my hand for about ten years now but I made the jump to niche down and commit to this business in 2018 after I fell in love with capturing human connection and documenting stories. Your love is beautiful! Your stories are unique and one of a kind. They deserve to be captured and preserved among a stunning landscape, in the first home you’ve shared or in the garden you spent your first summer together. Ooh I get pumped just typing about it!

I value deeper human connection and experience over material objects and flashy parties. After a few years in the wedding industry I began to notice that "traditional" weddings were very "one size fit's all". They were full of single use material objects, large crowds and a jam packed timeline. Yikes. As an adventurous introvert I wondered if there were couples out there who wished they had another option for their wedding day. So I decided to give couples that option. To offer weddings and elopements that valued connection, quality time and experience. Not to mention a much more eco-friendly route.

My first priority is to serve those who come to me, to act as a fly on the wall and document moments as they unravel. To be a form of peace and relief on your wedding day. I give you space to feel comfortable being yourself so that when you receive your photos you see a true representation of yourself and an honest documentation of your story. 

I take the scenic route, I wake up early to catch the sunrise and stay up late stargazing. My favorite bodies of water are cold Texas rivers, my favorite trails cut through tall grass and rocky paths. In my free time you'll find me watering and singin' to my plants, hiking new Texas locations with my dogs or learning new hobbies like slacklining and rock climbing just so I can have an excuse to get outside more. 

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Do you only shoot elopements?

A: Nope! I shoot intimate weddings and adventure sessions as well as portrait sessions.

Q: Can my friends and family come to our elopement?

A: You bet! Eloping doesn’t have to be just the two of you, I offer an “eloping with friends” package that can include up to 15 guests!
Contact me to get access to my different packages.

Q: Do you travel out of Texas?

A: I do! I love and live in Texas so I tend to shoot here more often but I am SO down to travel for you!
Contact me so we can work out a travel package for you!

Q: "I don't know what to do in front of the camera!"

A: SAME! This is a big reason that I work so hard to get to know you before we shoot together. This way you feel a little more comfortable being in front of the camera. Then I work with prompts and little activities for you to do during the session so that you forget I am even there. By the time the session is over most of my clients say "Wow! I have never felt so comfortable taking photos before!" I got you! 

Q: Do we have to hike to have an adventure elopement?

A: Nope! I have access to a lot of locations that you can drive up to or take a short walk and still have access to a beautiful space for your ceremony.

Q: Do we have to elope outside?

A: No! While most elopements do take place outside we can definitely workout an indoor elopement for you.

Q: What should we wear?

A: The clothes you wear depend on a lot of different factors. When you book me I will gladly send you outfit ideas, color palettes and other resources to help you decide what you will wear!

Q: Can I get my images back unedited?

A: I do not offer the delivery of unedited images, my editing style is a big part of the process and overall experience. 

Q: How long does it take to receive our images?

A: My turnaround time during slower seasons is about 2-3 weeks, during busy seasons (spring and fall) its about 4-6 weeks. 

Q: How many photos do we get back?

A: For portrait sessions the number varies depending on the package you choose. For weddings and elopements I typically deliver about 70 images per hour I spend shooting.

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