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Helping you take your wedding day back by crafting a meaningful, one of a kind and  intimate experience. 

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Serving couples who aren't afraid to go against the grain of tradition and have the wedding of their dreams.


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Photography for the adventurers and introverts 

Your wedding day should not be a source of anxiety. If a big traditional wedding has never seemed like your thing you shouldn't force it to be! My mission is to inspire you to go for it, to dream of the best day the two of you could possibly have together and choose that for your wedding day. 

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Ya’ll don’t fit into one box and your wedding day shouldn’t either! Think about your favorite memories together. What are they? What were you doing? What if I told you that you could do that on your wedding day? No matter what it is that the two of you love, no matter what it is that makes you YOU. We can incorporate that on your wedding day!

Don’t like the idea of a fast paced wedding day with a jam-packed timeline? Do you want to spend the entire day with your partner instead of spending over half of the day apart? I am here to say you have options! Get that yellow wedding dress, strap up your hikin’ boots, grab your kayak paddles and let’s get you married. Opt out of a wedding that is a production and into one that is full of intention.

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Does it feel like I am talking directly to you?

that's because I am!

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Your experience matters.

I could create the most beautiful images in the world for you but if you weren’t having a great experience when I took them none of that would matter. You deserve an unforgettable experience, you deserve to feel comfortable and beautiful in your skin, you deserve a photographer who will go above and beyond to make that happen.

Your elopement is crafted around your hopes, dreams, wants and needs. Each package works as a foundation for us to build a one of a kind experience that has YOU written all over it!

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About Me

This website is the same color scheme as my home. The problems I want to solve for you are problems I have faced myself. On my days off you'll find me hiking and camping out in new beautiful Texas locations.

What I am trying to say is that I pour my heart and soul into this business. It's my ticket to freedom. My ticket to love what I do and do what I love. 

Yes I have designed it around you but it's got a whole lot of me too. I want to inspire you to go for it, to not compromise on your dreams. Because that's exactly what I am doing here. 

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"Nikole turned a setting that's so incredibly special to us into something that we can enjoy and admire for the rest of our lives. She immediately put us at ease and we found ourselves laughing and having fun instead of feeling like posed dolls. She really captured our love!"

- Candice W.

"Over the moon about everything! Nikole's style matched amazing with what we wanted. The quality of the photos were amazing! We are so happy that we chose Nikole to capture this beautiful day with us. We have all the photos around our home and families home. Nikole is sweet, funny and helps taking photos feel so natural. I couldn’t imagine using any other photographer. "

- Gabriella B.

Why Texas?

Texas is extremely underrated in the elopement industry. We don’t have a lot of public land, we don’t have rocky mountains and people here are just not as familiar with the possibilities of an elopement as they are in other states.

I am calling that bluff! I know that my couples are out there, I know I have some Texas friends who love my home state as much as I do and see the beauty it has to offer. Texas is one of the largest states with some of the most diverse and stunning landscapes! I want to show everyone how beautiful it really is! Sure we don’t have a whole lot of public land, but I am not going to turn away from a longer drive or a little bit of extra work to get to a beautiful space.

No matter what kind of adventure, wedding or elopement you are looking to have Texas is completely up to the task...unless you want snow. We don't really get snow. I will be here to help you every step of the way. I put in the extra work so you do not have to compromise! 

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