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Texas Elopement Photographer

Photography for the bold and adventurous. 

I am here to show you two things. 1; That you don't have to leave Texas to have an epic adventure and 2; Your wedding day should not be a source of anxiety.


I'm a huge fan of couples who choose to do things a little (or a lot) differently on their wedding day. Ya'll are unique as heck and your wedding day should be too! You want to get married in your backyard with ten of your closest friends and your dogs? Let's do it. You want to wake up at 4 am and read your vows at the peak of your hike while the sun rises? Yes please!

Your wedding day should be unmistakably and unapologetically YOU!


You deserve a photographer who enjoys a good hike as much as you do or someone who hears about your yellow wedding dress and CANNOT wait to see it. Like I need photos of it STAT. Someone who won't shy away from a non-traditional and totally one of a kind wedding. That someone is me! And I would absolutely LOVE to help you make your wedding day and photo dreams come true! 

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About Me


  Hi hello! My name is Nikole and I am the human behind the camera! I'm a Texas native, Austinite, an adventurer and a homebody. I am super freakin' passionate about encouraging couples to do what they truly want to on their wedding day and I am here to help you make that happen! If you're not planning a wedding but you wanna have an adventure for the heck of it I am all about that too! Basically I'll take any excuse to get outdoors and play around in the sun.

  I know it seems like it can be hard to find spaces to explore in Texas because we don't have much public land here so I use my free time to scout out new and interesting locations with my husband and two dogs. Ya'll I am a FAN of Texas and think this state has SO much to offer!


When I am not taking photos or hiking outside I am probably at home napping or watering and singing to my plants. I would love to get to know you and help you have the adventure you didn't even know you were dreaming of!

Why I'm

 For a long time I wanted to be a documentary photographer. I always said that I wanted my photography to help people and to give a voice to the voiceless. I even went to college for journalism but never graduated. Part of me feels like not doing that is a cop out in some way. So I started to think about what I can do with my photography to help others now. How can I be of service with this? 


  When I photograph people I hope the photos are able to help you see your own beauty. I want to shed light on all of the little things that tend to get overlooked but are so wonderful. I love to document life as it is, to freeze moments in time so that you can always look back and remember exactly how it felt. Life moves incredibly fast. You're going to want to remember. 


  As an adventure photographer and outdoor enthusiast I carry the responsibility to not only treat our outdoor spaces with respect but to show others how we can protect them as well. They are the voiceless. No one is perfect but if we take the time to educate ourselves and others we can work to keep the spaces we love beautiful for who ever comes next. I am happy to use my images to share my knowledge on this and be an example for others in addition to always learning more. So I try to keep these foundational why's with me every time I shoot so that I can maybe do some good with this.

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