Capturing The Details

It's all in the details. Well maybe not really, but they sure are pretty. Detail photos on a wedding day are something I love to capture. They add to your story and help you remember all of those little things that may be easy to miss on the day of. You take so much time planning out those details so they should be captured!

A lot of times when couples first come to me to photograph their wedding they say something like "Photos of people are the most important, we don't really need photos of the rings or flowers." And yes I 100% agree that the photos of your people are the most important images, the candid as well as the posed family shots. The people matter most. But I think the little details on your wedding day are pretty dang important too! Take a moment to think about your favorite movie, think about the scenes that show the neighborhood, the main character's house, the panning shots of the city or up close scenes of someone's hand knocking on a door. Now imagine that movie without those scenes. It would definitely be missing something!

I am all for getting those detail shots. Usually when I sit down with couples and explain this or show them how a gallery flows so well with the detail photos they get it and are just as excited about them as I am! Detail photos don't have to just be images of flat lays or rings either. They also include those up close and personal photos of your hands, feet, arms, get the idea. They are those photos that give that dramatic affect and add some creative flare to your wedding gallery! I love cutting off people's head's in the name of ~art~ for example. I am all about those unique touches! No pun intended. So yeah I am kind of a fan of the details. Whether it be wedding day details or the way the grass looked during your photo session. I always make sure to keep my eyes peeled for unique ways to document all of the things. So I thought I would create this blog just to show you guys some of my all time favorite detail images!

I hope that these images have inspired you to get excited about the little things and maybe even given you some ideas for your own wedding! Follow me on Instagram if you wanna see more! If you have any questions or want to reach out for your own photo needs contact me!

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