Tim & Gabbie's wedding at Rambling Rose Ranch

"Mawwiage is what bwings us together today!"

Gabbie and I's paths have been crossing since 6th grade when we went to the same Middle School. We even took those cringe worthy photos at the mall with our friends together...I could dig that up and post it here but I'll save us the embarrassment. Our path's crossed again a few years later when we both worked at Chuy's, which is when I was introduced to Tim. He would stop by to say hi to Gabbie and I would hear about him and his daughter, Anna, through Gabbie and I's conversations at work. If I'm being honest she'd mostly talk about Anna and made her sound like the coolest. Shortly after I left Chuy's I started back up with photography and they were one of my first customers. I took their Christmas photos at a plant nursery in Austin called The Great Outdoors, they sell Christmas trees during the holidays and have a pretty sweet greenhouse that I had been wanting to shoot in. That is still one of my favorite sessions! Tim and Gabbie were super nice and fun to work with. Plus I got to meet Anna, who was in fact, the coolest. All of this to say when Gabbie texted me about being their wedding photographer I was thrilled! I loved shooting their little family during Christmas time and I was so happy to hear that they were gettin' hitched! Not to mention having returning customers is pretty cool. We met up to talk about their wedding day before making it official. That's when I found out that Gabbie was wearing a yellow wedding dress! WHAT?! My mind was blown, I had already been mentally planning a way to shoot a yellow wedding dress. I figured I would have to set up some kind of styled shoot to make it happen. I never expected to have the chance to shoot one in a real wedding so soon! They told me about their sweet dance party, we talked about dogs and doors and planned their engagement shoot. I walked away from this meeting even more excited than I was before. Gabbie and Tim's weddding sounded like it was going to be so much fun and I couldn't wait! Their wedding took place at Rambling Rose Ranch. The venue was pretty epic, I appreciated that it was created as a space to relax and enjoy your day rather than just being about the pretty ceremony space. Your experience throughout the day matters! There's a fire pit, a ping pong table and multiple lounge areas. The dance floor is surrounded by beautiful landscaping and recycled windows. The bridal suite was a gorgeous space with the best light and plenty of room for all of Gabbie's mvps to relax and get ready. The groom's cottage was cozy, great for some downtime before ceremony and strategically placed right next to the ping pong table I mentioned earlier. The seats for the ceremony are beautiful green recycled benches from Schlitterbahn surrounding an old oak tree with branches reaching out on all sides. Rambling Rose Ranch had it all to begin with so Tim and Gabbie's vision really brought it all to life! They customized the space to fit them perfectly. I was amazed to see their friends and family show up hours early to get everything ready. It was an all hands on deck kind of thing. Which goes to show how great these two really are...it was freakin' hot outside ya'll and their loved ones still worked hard to make everything look perfect. Something tells me that wouldn't happen for just anyone. From hanging vases from the oak tree to handcrafted jewelry made by Tim's mom for all of the bridesmaids to wear. Each detail came together beautifully. Tim and Gabbie were both pretty laid back throughout the day. While getting their individual portraits I asked each of them how they were they had the same answer "I'm just excited!" All that mattered now was saying "I do" and starting their adventure together. Tim and Gabbie not only started in style but surrounded by so much love. Their ceremony was full of laughter and happy tears, the light was golden and peaked through the branches of the old oak tree as they read their vows. Their officiant who was also a good friend read from a Star Wars book, adding another personal touch. Shortly after becoming husband and wife they were attacked with hugs, handed beers and began to celebrate! It was clear to see how loved Tim and Gabbie are and how much love they have for each other. The night ended with donuts, dancing and sparklers. What an honor it was to capture it all. I wish Tim and Gabbie all of the years of happiness, donuts, dogs, dance parties and that wuv, twue wuv, will fowwow you foweva!

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