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My job consists of being a third wheel a lot. I meet and hangout with so many different couples and get to see the unique ways they interact with each other. I get to see how they intertwine their arms and legs, how they run their fingers through each other's hair, how they hold hands and walk together. These are just a few examples of the intimate moments that I have the honor of witnessing and capturing for couples to cherish.

As a couples photographer my aim is always to capture those subtle quirks that make you YOU. I want you to be able to scroll through your gallery and pick up on things that only the two of you will notice. My goal is not only to deliver photos but a memory and experience as well. When I went to write this blog I didn't think I was gonna get all sappy but I kept going back to Rachel and Landon's photos and well here we are. The love these two share is so freakin' adorable. If I were a bitter ol' lonely person I'd say something like it makes me want to vomit. I don't know, maybe it still does. Regardless; their adorable, fun, and overwhelmingly sweet love is clear to see after spending all of two minutes with them. Landon lives in California and Rachel lives in Texas so I think they understand the value of the little moments spent together and appreciate them that much more. It's sessions like theirs that make me remember why I do this. I am always so honored to be brought in as a third wheel to capture the little moments.

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