Life As We Know It with Mary, Rudy and Dixie.

When you think of the times you've hired a photographer what comes to mind? Your wedding, a newborn, family photos maybe? All of which are pretty huge milestones in life and should be documented as such. But what about those milestones that seem to be over looked? Those just as worthy moments like landing a new job, renovating your home or trying something new and maybe even a little crazy like living in an RV in East Austin. You don't have to be getting married or having a baby to have your life captured. Whatever your proud of be proud and document it! Life moves so incredibly fast and change is inevitable, capture these moments so you can always have those "remember when" photos ready to whip out and share. Mary, Rudy and their pup Dixie have been living in an RV in East Austin for the last few months and it has been quite an adventure. They came to me wanting to capture their life as it is before they move into their new home in South Austin. Did I enthusiastically jump on the opportunity to visit a stranger I met online's RV in the city? Hell yeah I did. And it was awesome! We started with some photos at their RV, they snuggled Dixie on the couch, made some drinks and danced in their living room slash kitchen. Afterwards we drove about three minutes down the road to the lake where they've been walking Dixie the past few months. Dixie was so happy to be out and about, anytime they started to love on her she got the biggest smile on her face! We ended the session at Kinda Tropical, one of their go-to restaurants. I had never been to Kinda Tropical or even heard of it but it's definitely one of my new favorite places. The building used to be a gas station so it looks really unique and they have tropical plants all over! Such a neat space. I can't say for sure but I do think these photos portray a pretty typical evening for these three. Unwinding a bit after work before taking Dixie on a walk then ending the day with some drinks at their favorite spot. There's something pretty cool about finding beauty in the simplicity of day to day life. Meeting Mary, Rudy and Dixie definitely reminded me to find the beauty in my own day to day. I am super excited for whatever adventures lie ahead for these three and can't wait to hear about them!

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