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Updated: Oct 10

Wrappin' it up, tying a neat little bow and sliding it on over to you. That's how I describe my elopement planning process with couples. And in hopes of making that process even easier on you I have teamed up with Austin florist, Wild Heart Floral, to create floral inclusive elopement packages available anywhere in Texas! These packages offer photography and planning guidance from me as well as elopement friendly floral design from Wild Heart Floral!

These packages give you the space to enjoy your planning process as well as your elopement. I care so much about your experience, from the moment you land on my website to the day you receive your photo gallery. So I am always looking for ways to make that experience more seamless and enjoyable!

If you want help adding personal flare to your elopement day, if you are looking for an adventure ready bouquet, or if you want to have a romantic picnic, we've got your back!

Yes eloping means focusing more on the experience rather than the fluff and the material objects but that doesn't mean you have to compromise on a beautiful meal together or the bouquet of your dreams!

Making Sure Your Decor Is Elopement Friendly

When designing these packages we wanted to stick to our eco-friendly and minimal roots. We work to make sure any florals you add don't include invasive species. I do research to ensure the ceremony space you select can withstand an arch as well as making the arch free standing so we don't have to stake it into the ground. And Kaylie from Wild Heart incorporates foam-free design, dried and locally sourced ingredients as much as possible! She's also pretty dang good at making bouquets that can withstand any adventure!

With that being said there are limitations! When it comes to locations that are more sensitive or require hiking then you may not be able to incorporate an arch or dramatic picnic set up. It's our responsibility to respect and preserve the outdoor spaces we love so that we can continue to enjoy them and people who come after us can do the same! So package options will vary from location to location!

How Does It Work?

- The first step is to visit my pricing page so you can get an idea of package prices and offerings, if you are liking what you see then you'll head on over to my contact page!

- When you fill out the form on the contact page you'll note at the end that you are interested in floral inclusive packages. From there I'll send you the inclusive package guide and we can set up a consultation.

- During the consultation we get to know each other and get an idea of the elopement experience you are envisioning!

- If we are a right fit for each other and you are ready to get started on planning then you'll select a package, sign a contract and pay your retainer! Once all of that is complete you are booked!

- Having a general location in mind is a good idea before having your consultation with Kaylie, this way we know what kind of florals and items we can incorporate!

- Next you get to set up your consultation with Kaylie from Wild Heart Floral. Each package is made in Wild Heart Florals signature style in your color pallet of choice!

- I will work closely with you creating your entire elopement experience, from sending vendor and airbnb recommendations, through assisting with permits to helping you know what to pack on the day of. I also communicate with Kaylie so all of the florals meet your needs as well as the location's requirements.

- Then you freakin' get married and have the best elopement day ever!

Bouquets, Picnics and an Arch!

We have three different offerings for you! Adventure worthy bouquets, picnic or tablescape so you can have a romantic first meal as a married couple and a ceremony arch to spice up any ceremony! You can combine all three or pick and choose one or two.

You can add on food from your favorite restaurant or doughnuts from your favorite bakery! You also have the option for Kaylie to pick those up and have them ready to go by the time you arrive! Seriously, we want you to sit back, relax and enjoy the entire experience!

I am so grateful to have connected with Kaylie and make this whole thing come to life. A big reason behind what I do is that I simply want to offer couples another option for their wedding day. Eloping isn't what it used to be. Not everyone wants a huge party or likes crowds, some people don’t like the idea of stressing over table linens and seating arrangements, some family dynamics are more toxic than they are loving and some couples simply want to spend quality time together on the day they get married. There’s a plethora of reasons to elope and it doesn’t have to mean showing up to the courthouse for paperwork real fast. I want couples in Texas to have more options on their wedding day and these packages allow for that!

If you are interested in these packages or have any questions please contact me! I would love to talk.

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Vendors from this day;

- Florals and styling: Wild Heart Floral - Planning: Wild Heart Floral and Nikole Velasco Photography - Tableware Rentals: Adorn and Garnish

- Doughnuts: Voodoo Doughnut - Charcuterie Spread: Cultured Grazing Company

- Photography: Nikole Velasco Photography

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