Eloping at a Texas Gas Station | Gabrielle & Shaungh | Texas Elopement Photographer

When you think of elopement locations an abandoned gas station would probably NEVER come to mind. But then again, that's kind of the thing with eloping. There are NO rules. If you drive by a great spot and think "Yeah I'd get married there." DONE.

Last year I had the pleasure of attending Rove The Workshop, I spent a couple of days around so many talented, hardworking and like-minded photographers. We learned from some pretty amazing photographers and got to take part in four styled shoots. One being this elopement shoot with Gabrielle and Shaungh! It has all of the unconventional, non-traditional and funky vibes that any elopement would be lucky to have! From Shaungh's orange jacket and Guns N' Roses grooms attire to Gabrielle's groovy ass sparkly Reclamation dress. Not to mention the freakin' location. If I told you about this without the photos you'd probably be very confused. Luckily I am a photographer! I hope these photos act as an ispiration to show couples that they can do whatever the heck they want on their wedding day. They don't have to nor should the EVER water down their personalities when planning how they get married. It can be as funky, fun and random as you want it to be! Just do YOU. Before we get to the photos here are the wonderful vendors that made this shoot possible.

Couple: Gabrielle & Shaungh Dress: Reclamation Design Company Orange Suit: Urban Outfitters Workshop: Rove The Workshop Instructor/Stylist: Hello Darlin Photography

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