City Slickin' in Austin Texas

Explored my home city in search of unique locations to use for future photo sessions and urban elopements.

Sometimes you've gotta take a trip to the city to seek out unique locations and great murals. Oh and don't forget the vegan ice cream! Definitely have to snag some of that. My friend Ana came along and we had so much fun finding these new spaces and taking photos. Ana KILLED it as my model, it was great getting to be creative with all of the shapes and texture that the city has to offer!

We started at The Austin Central Library, I have been wanting to check this place out for so long and guys it did NOT disappoint. I am definitely going to be hangin' out here while I edit photos in the near future. The area surrounding the library was stunning, from beautiful landscaping to epic patterns and buildings all around. Then as soon as you walk in you can't help but gasp! It's definitely a sight to see.

There were countless spaces for sitting to work and read. The entire library was full of beautiful and clean natural light as well as different elements like wood metal and glass all coming together in this stunning space. I was drooling over the architecture! I think we were there at the perfect time of day because the light spilling into the front windows created some really dramatic shadows and lines throughout the building. And can we just take a minute to appreciate the epic reflections that can be found around every corner?!

Then was the final stop on the library tour, the rooftop garden! What a peaceful and beautiful addition to the library. I only wish I could live right next door so I could spend more time here!

After the library we walked over to get some coffee down the street! We passed by a really cool wall with some great xeriscaping out front and I had to stop for some photos. Xeriscaping is the process of landscaping or gardening that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water from irrigation. So it's usually very desert like, and I am a big fan!

With our coffee in hand (or cup holders because we drove) we headed to South Congress in search of murals and vegan ice cream. We found some really beautiful and colorful murals as well as the iconic "I love you so much." wall. Visiting South Congress feels as though you have slipped into the 70s, all of the shops, colors, neon signs and hotels are very retro-esque and I am here for it!

So you can definitely find Amy's Ice Cream on South Congress which is an ice cream shop that has grown up in Austin and has recently started offering vegan ice cream. They have at least one dairy-free flavor at each location. BUT on South Congress you can also find a little gelato shop called Gelato Paradiso and they had five vegan gelato options! I got the very berry flavor and it was delicious! The space outside of Gelato Paradiso is really neat too with lights hanging from a white metal structure that is very visually pleasing. Eating some vegan gelato under the lights sounds pretty dreamy to me!

During this visit we only covered two parts of downtown Austin and I was able to find so many creative spaces for photos as well as just having fun exploring all that they had to offer! I definitely want to get out and explore more of Austin, so I think I'll make this a regular thing and come back to write more blogs on it in the future. To follow along on my adventures follow me on Instagram here Contact me here


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