Chapel Dulcinea Wedding | Kelli & Kipp

Hidden away in the beautiful Hill Country just outside of Austin Texas you'll find Chapel Dulcinea. A stunning chapel perfect for any kind of elopement or intimate wedding. This unique chapel will always be one of my favorite Austin wedding venues. When Kelli and Kipp reached out to me to photograph their wedding I was thrilled! I arrived early so I could capture the chapel and surrounding areas beforehand, it was overcast and had been raining so all of the colors around the property were saturated and the light was soft and dreamy. A wonderful day for a wedding! Their ceremony was full of laughter, love, prayer and happy tears. They said their vows, kissed and rang the bells in celebration of becoming husband and wife! There's something to say about simplicity, when you remove all of the extra elements and focus on what really matters. Chapel Dulcinea allows you to do just that. It truly is amazing. Congratulations to Kelli and Kipp!

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