Camping with Cows

It's not real Texas camping unless you wake up to the cows coming home.

When searching for the perfect camp site on Hipcamp I had a couple of requirements in mind. The main requirement being that I wanted our dogs to be able to run around off leash. That's the beauty of Hipcamp. The sites can be rented out on private land so you are more likely to find something off-leash friendly. Where as most state parks, for good reason, are very strict about dogs being on leash. But having to keep up with two excited pups on their leashes for an entire camping trip is not ideal. So when I found Aggie Acres and saw that letting our dogs roam free would be an option I was pretty stoked. A few other requirements I was looking for were hiking, fishing and location. It was going to be a quick weekend trip so I didn't want to drive any more than two hours. Aggie Acres fit into all of these categories! So I went ahead and booked the weekend for us.

We arrived late Friday night, which is kind of a theme for Jacob and I. I am pretty sure we have never set up a tent in the daylight. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty creepy sleeping in an unfamiliar space. I had no idea what was around us and only knew what I saw on Hipcamp. We had the entire place to ourselves which was great but added to the eeriness. Throughout the night I kept hearing footsteps. They would crunch through the leaves all around the tent. I was pretty spooked. I had no idea what or who was walking around. I guess I could have investigated with a flashlight but instead I convinced myself it was just a deer and finally fell asleep. I woke up with the sun, crisp morning air and my dog barking at whatever it was walking around outside. The footsteps had returned. Only this time I was going to look out and actually see who the culprit was. I unzipped our tent and took a peak to find a giant cow right next to us! If you know me you know I freakin' love cows. I just think they are so beautiful and majestic! "JACOB there's COWS out here!" I jumped up, put my boots on and got my camera so I could document these magnificent creatures that we had shared our campsite with. Actually I guess it was more like they were sharing their home with us. I can't believe I had spent the night so spooked by the sound of cows walking around. When I got out of the tent I noticed more and more cattle walking around, we were camping in a freaking herd of cattle! The dogs were pretty excited as well and started to bark at them. I thought this would for sure mean that we had to put them on their leashes after all. I really didn't want them chasing the cows. But I was super relieved when they listened to me and ended up leaving the cows be. We spent the morning cow gazing and walking around to get a good first look at the camp. The land was beautiful; no cactus, hardly any rocks and towering trees surrounded us. Our tent was beside what I originally thought was just a tank but turned out to be a small lake connecting to a stream. A pleasant surprise.

This particular listing said we were allowed to forage for fire wood around the property so Jacob spent time gathering some wood. We built a fire then had pancakes and fruit for breakfast. I definitely burnt a few pancakes. After some relaxing in the sunshine we went for a hike around the land. We ended up exploring what I think was a dry riverbed and could have gone on for miles! After hiking we did some fishing in the lake. Jacob actually caught and released two fish! I don't know how he does it. Our dog's Samson and Layla loved being able to run free and swim in the lake. They were completely disgusting and exhausted by the end of the trip. So mission accomplished! I am incredibly grateful that we had the opportunity to be outside and unplug for a couple of days. It's nice to get away from the screens and simply exist outdoors for a bit. If you want to go camping I highly recommend using Hipcamp! The sites they offer are really unique and you are able to find something more specific to suit your own needs.

If you want to give Hipcamp a try you can click here for my referral code and get $10 off your first camp! Happy camping ya'll (:

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