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Updated: Aug 19

Hello again! Welcome back to my Elope In Texas 101 series! Last week I introduced myself, what I do and why I do it! If you'd like to get caught up you can watch that video here or read the blog here. Today's entry is all about busing elopement myths! So take all you know about elopements and get ready to have your perspective totally changed!

Elopements are not what they used to be!

Eloping used to mean running off to Vegas or the courthouse to get married real quick! It used to be perceived as something only couples in a tight situation do. But that has changed! Elopements are so much cooler now ya'll! Now eloping means you and your partner choosing to have an intimate experience together. It's opting for adventure over material objects and flashy parties. Eloping means choosing quality time between not only you and your partner but if you do choose a small number of guests to attend you get more quality time with them as well. Quality time is one of my love languages, that's why I use that term so often. If you are familiar with the love languages then you know what I mean, if quality time is yours then I know you can relate to everything I am saying! Those who value quality time can recognize that as a huge part of elopements! An elopement can be very intentional and you can make it as epic or as simple as you'd like to. Just make sure it truly represents you!

Eloping is a "last resort" or "lesser than" alternative to a traditional wedding

Elopements can be seen as a plan be or lesser than option for weddings. Especially now with Coronavirus I think it's being seen as "We had to cancel our dream wedding I guess we'll just elope." YOU GUYS your elopement is still your wedding day. It deserves the same amount of respect, value and care as that big traditional wedding. You are saying your vows, you will celebrate this day on your anniversary for the rest of your life. It is not a lesser than option at all, some may even argue that eloping is a better than option. But we wont go into all of that right now (;

Texas Is Ugly

What are you talking about?! Texas is freakin' beautiful!!! Have you been scrolling through my site/this blog scoffing at the images? Cringing at how ugly and hideous these locations are? Because all of my photos are taken right here in Texas! If you are one of those people sitting on their couch wishing they could go hiking but making the excuse that Texas is ugly and there's no use then you should probably change that mindset and just explore your own backyard. You'll be surprised at what you can find! I have lived here my entire life and I have seen the beauty this state has to offer! We've got the amazing Texas hill country, epic Texas rivers which are my absolute favorite thing in this entire world to explore. We also have some really cool lakes! I know that not everywhere has actual lakes, but Texas has STUNNING lakes for any kind of lake or cliffside elopement. Out west you can get some desert vibes at Palo Duro or Big Bend, to the East you can get Bayou vibes and tall pine trees! There really are so many options!

We have to elope just the two of us

Because of the way elopements have been portrayed in the past, a lot of people assume that you have to elope just the two of you. And while that is certainly an option it is not the only option! You can still bring your closest friends and family along for your adventure elopement! Personally, as an elopement photographer, I offer packages that allow you to bring up to 15 of your closest friends and family members! When you cut back the amount of guests you really give yourself more time to spend and enjoy with each person that does come along. The services I offer in my packages make it super easy for us to plan and figure out logistics so that whatever location you choose the guests will be able to be right by your side! If that means a beautiful space right next to a parking lot we can make that happen.

Eloping is a cheaper alternative

At first glance an elopement might seem like a cheaper alternative to a traditional wedding. Which can be the case sometimes. You're not paying for a venue, rentals or to feed over 100 people. But! If you choose an elopement experience that involves travel, accommodations, a professional guide or a helicopter ride then those expenses do add up. And your photography probably wont be any cheaper for an elopement either. Personally, my elopement packages actually cost more than my wedding packages because I provide a lot more for elopements and it involves much more work on my end. So yes sometimes an elopement is cheaper but that's not always true.

We only need 1-2 hours of photography for an elopement

So often I get an inquiry for an elopement and I send out my packages (that start at five hours) and I get a message back saying "We really only need like two hours." And this breaks my heart! You guys...this is still your wedding day! This is a day you will celebrate for the rest of your lives. AND when you elope you are cutting down your guest count. So you need a lot more than 1-2 hours of coverage.

People tend to assume that photographing an elopement is no different from a regular photo session.

Your elopement day is SO MUCH MORE than a photo shoot and I cannot stress this enough. It should be valued and given just as much care and attention as a traditional wedding. I'll keep saying that until I am blue in the face. Giving yourselves 1-2 hours of coverage captures your ceremony, some couples portraits and maybe a champagne toast. And it would be very fast paced. Wait...aren't you eloping to avoid the jam-packed timeline of a traditional wedding? Not to mention the photos that are delivered after only 1-2 hours wont necessarily tell the story of your wedding day. With a timeline pf 5+ hours you can have the moments you drink coffee together documented, I can capture the two of you getting ready together and your first look. You can get images of your vow books, the tears when you realize you just married the love of your life and the laughter when you dance together for the first time and realize maybe you should have practiced. Because you aren't inviting a lot of people your photography value increases tremendously. Your photos will be the only way for those who were not there in person to experience the day with you so having images that tell the story is so important. There are moments you may think are silly to have captured, like your morning coffee and the details. But those in between moments can have so much power. And maybe you think you'll remember them but the day really does go by so quickly it is so easy to forget those in-between moments. When I look at a photo of myself laughing I immediately remember what I am laughing at or what thoughts were running through my head. Photos have the power to trigger these memories and transport you back to that exact moment in time. All of those epic photos of you after your ceremony are gorgeous but it's usually those in-between moments that hold the most meaning. My packages do not start at five hours so I can make more money, they start at five hours because you deserve to have your story told and memories preserved beyond the day of your elopement.

Were any of these myths something you believed before you read this blog? Did I change your perspective on elopements?! I'd love to know in the comments!

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