Austin Texas In-Home Maternity Session

When Liz reached out to me for her maternity session she said she wanted it to be more like a couples session. Something laid back that represents their relationship and life as it is. "Done and done" I thought. I love documentary photography. Capturing honest and vulnerable moments rather than curating dramatic scenes and over the top posing. So when Liz came to me with her vision I was thrilled to help her bring it to life.

One thing that always makes me nervous about in-home sessions is the unknown. I don't get to location scout, I don't get to shoot there beforehand. I don't know if there will be good natural light or how much space we will have. So when people book in-home sessions I talk through these questions over the phone. In this case I had Liz keep an eye out for the best time of day, in terms of light, to have the shoot. When I arrived I realized that not only did they have the most beautiful natural light in their home but the interior design was STUNNING. From the books carefully displayed on the bookshelf to the beautiful nursery that had been created with so much love. Their home was a wonderful and peaceful sanctuary, I definitely understand why they'd want to include it in their session. With in-home sessions, not only are you documenting yourselves but the home you share as well. Your home is full of memories, firsts, laughter, tears and so much more. Including this in your session makes it that much more personal. Not to mention the comfort that comes with being in your own home. Liz and Brandon are a great example of this, I really didn't have to direct them much at all, I found space with good light and they pretty much did the rest. Being at home made them more comfortable to be themselves and act as they would normally.

Whenever you book an in-home session I try to include at least one of your favorite day to day activities, kind of like an ice-breaker to do when we start your session. You can build a puzzle, eat some pizza or, in Liz and Brandon's case, make brownies! During this activity I get to know you better and we become more comfortable together. One of my favorite things to do with photography is show you the beauty in simplicity. And documenting you doing your favorite things allows me to do just that. So Liz and Brandon got to make brownies and at one point said "best photoshoot ever" as they made them. I try to make sure that my sessions are a great experience and memory being made as well as captured so hearing that told me we were on the right track.

I am always so grateful for the humans photography introduces me to. Baby Henry is being born into such a loving home and I am so stoked for these two and their next adventure. Follow along on my adventures on instagram Contact me to book your session


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