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Updated: Aug 5

With the end of the year comes a lot of new engagements and many couples begin the process of planning their wedding. I thought this may be a good time to write a blog about eloping in Texas and what I have to offer as a Texas elopement photographer!

When you hear about elopements what first comes to mind?

A courthouse wedding, opting for something inexpensive, running away and getting married? What about a day full of intention, a day that you choose to focus on an unforgettable experience with your partner rather than to stress about the material objects, jam packed timeline and lengthy guest count.

What if I told you that an elopement can hold just as much, if not more value than a big showy wedding?

Adventure elopements are becoming much more common but if you are from Texas there's a chance you haven't heard of them yet. They are more popular in areas like Colorado or Utah. Uh yeah those states have some BEAUTIFUL scenery, a lot more public land and some epic hikes, but they aren't Texas. We have some really diverse and beautiful landscape RIGHT HERE YA'LL. Don't sleep on Texas! Long flowing rivers, rolling hill-country, deserts out west, towering trees and forests to the East. I mean even the cities have some really beautiful scenery too if that's your jam. Urban elopements are pretty spectacular! You don't have to hike ten miles to elope if you don't want to. People overlook the beauty of this state and I plan to do just the opposite. Whether you're a fan of the desert or of the insane architecture of the city, Texas really does have it all!

What is an Adventure Elopement?

An Adventure Elopement is whatever you want it to be! No need to overthink or complicate things. Whether you want an intimate ceremony with ten of your closest family and friends or you want to elope just the two of you. It can be done! Imagine waking up before the sun on the day of your wedding, getting dressed in the back of your rental jeep or inside of your tent. Lacing up your hiking boots and setting out on a hike to a secluded space along the Blanco river. Making your way through the trail while holding your soon to be spouse's hand, frolicking through the morning sun and taking in the fresh air. Picture reading your vows and saying "I do" among the stunning Texas landscape. Getting your wedding clothes dirty and knowing you've earned it. Having a romantic picnic beside (NOT on top of!) the Texas wildflowers. Choosing a first dance under the stars, popping champagne beneath a pecan tree and celebrating!

Eloping doesn't mean you are missing out or compromising.

It just means that instead of putting on a production for everyone and their mother to attend you will be focusing on what really matters. Committing to the love of your life! You can still have those nervous but excited getting ready moments, the emotional first look, the intimate ceremony and unforgettable first dance. Love is an adventure, who says your wedding day can't be? You have permission to do whatever the heck you want to do on your wedding day. And an Adventure Elopement is the way to do exactly that. You do not have to be a ball of stress on your wedding day. Does reading this feel like a breath of fresh air to you? Do you feel the weight falling off of your shoulders yet? But wait! THERE'S MORE.

What I Have To Offer

As an elopement photographer I am so much more than a day of photographer. It is easy to assume that my job will be easier as an elopement photographer. When in reality I am a lot more involved in the elopement process than I would be for a traditional wedding where many other vendors and planners are hired.

I will go above and beyond to help you create the elopement experience you didn't even know you were dreaming of.

My job starts long before your wedding day. I will scout out locations, whether we choose a location from my already made list or I find a completely new space for you, the choice will ultimately be yours. All of my elopement clients will fill out an in-depth questionnaire as well as either speaking over the phone or meeting in person with me before we land on your ideal location. This way I am able to choose a place that suits your hopes and dreams as well as everyone's physical capabilities. After we choose your location we will work together to create a timeline for your day! My elopement packages range from 5 hours all the way to two-day elopements. It is a real life choose your own adventure! Once the location is set and the timeline is made I work closely with you to ensure you have everything you need for the day of adventure. From hiking socks to makeup setting spray. I'll work to make sure you are ready to hit the trail and get married! And don't worry, I'll pack backups in case you forget something.

What Qualifies Me

I know it can be hard to trust your wedding day in the hands of a stranger and that all of this can sound too good to be true. That is why I want to assure you that you are in good hands. I use my free time to get out and explore not only because it keeps me fit and helps me scout locations but it's what I love to do. I'd be doing this regardless! But to have the opportunity to share the outdoor spaces that I know and love or even to discover spaces for the first time with some new friends on their freakin' wedding day?! What an honor that would be. An honor that I take very seriously!

Being born and raised in Texas I know what to expect in the outdoors and how to prepare accordingly. I am quite familiar with places surrounding Austin as I am able to get out and hike those trails more frequently but I am in the process of expanding further out to broaden my knowledge! I am also planning on becoming wilderness first aid certified by February 2020 to make it official! I have actual wedding experience. Not only have I photographed weddings on my own and been a second shooter for other wedding photographers but I have also worked for a well known Austin wedding and event stylist. I understand what elements go into wedding planning. I've experienced the moments that are most important to couples on their wedding day and am able to incorporate those moments into the timeline of your elopement. I can work to ensure that you aren't compromising on anything by opting to have an intimate elopement.

Wrapping It Up

I am not here to bash traditional weddings. If a big traditional wedding is the wedding of your dreams that's awesome! I am simply here to give you a different option. To tell you you that you can have a wedding that you actually enjoy and don't just want to be over with.

So whether you want an intimate ceremony with ten of your favorite humans, an urban elopement exploring your favorite parts of the city or an epic ten mile long hike. Any of these can be your wedding day! And I would love to help you make this dream a reality. If all of this got you super stoked and ready for an elopement please contact me so we can get started! Keep scrolling to check out a beautiful hiking elopement in the Texas Hill Country! You can click here to contact me! Click here to follow my adventures on Instagram!

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