Hi, hello!

I am here to serve you and document your story

My name is Nikole! Your elopement photographer and guide currently dwelling In Austin but traveling all over Texas to capture some epic stories. 

When I am not shooting or working on my computer you’ll find me hiking new trails with my dogs, floating down the river or at home watering and singing to my plants! I am definitely an introvert, I’d rather spend my time going on an adventure or connecting with my loved ones. I value deeper human connection and experiences over material things or flashy parties.

Why elopements?

After working in the wedding industry for a couple of years I noticed that traditional weddings acted as a “one size fits all” but I knew there had to be couples out there who were not excited about these giant flashy weddings and jam-packed timelines. I knew there were couples who valued experience and connection. I decided I wanted to give those couples another option for their wedding day.

I’ve always had a passion for outdoor adventures and dreamt of incorporating them into my work and lifestyle. Combined with my passion for couples and wedding photography I chose to lean into adventure weddings and elopements instead. I bring my adventurous skills to the table along with my experience in the wedding industry so couples like you can have an experience that you are STOKED about on the day you get married.

What do you mean "guide'?

Eloping aint what it used to be. It's a whole lot more than showing up to the courthouse and signing some papers. It's still your wedding day! And you do not need to get anxious over the planning process my friend, so I'm here to take all the stressful bits out!

From finding your ideal location, to connecting you with the right vendors through customizing a packing list and bringing back ups on back ups in case you forget anything. Need me to carry your bouquet or champagne in my pack? On it. Yeah I am your photographer but I am also your sidekick from day one!

Meet the fam!

Introducing the Velasco adventure pack, my husband Jacob and our two doggos Samson and Layla! We spend our free time exploring all that Texas has to offer! Jacob likes to go fishing so I am always on the hunt for hikes that have nice fishing spots for him. The pups like to run through the tallest grass they can find and take any opportunity to go for a swim, they're kind of wild. Our adventures together always start out a little chaotic but I wouldn't have it any other way! If we're not outside you'll probably find us in our office working on our computers or in the snack aisle at the Walgreens. We've recently picked up rock climbing and are really diggin' the new challenge. Always down for another excuse to get outside! Or eat some snacks and nap. 

Bonus Facts

This is my og adventure pack, Mom and Dad, at their very own adventure elopement! My Dad proposed while skydiving and they eloped at sea. Legends. 

My first priority is your experience! I work hard to ensure your experience is seamless, from the moment you land on my site to the day you receive your photos! Because if you aren't having a great time then even the most beautiful images won't matter.

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